For the good , the beautiful, the true, to live, resolutely” Goethe

Give and Take…
For to the bee a flower is
a fountain of life
And to the flower a bee is
a messenger of love
And to both, bee and flower,
the giving and the receiving is
a need and an ecstasy.
Khalil Gibran


Pacific Target Pristine Collection


“PACIFIC TARGET proudly presents exceptional and exclusive products from one of the most serene and beautiful places in the world, Byron Bay, Australia. Our vision at PACIFIC TARGET is to meticulously select high quality, exclusive, organic or natural health foods and health products and offer them to the most discerning and demanding Clients in Australia and worldwide.

The Quality Products selected are limited to the amount of supply available, ensuring for the buyer and consumer a unique experience.

PACIFIC TARGET holds exclusive marketing and sales rights in Australia and for exports. to the Products selected and carefully chooses Partners who will have the privilege to showcase these Products with utmost discretion in their respective markets.

panorama viewPACIFIC TARGET boasts extremely strict selection criteria.  It is our commitment that the Products presented to our Clients are of the highest quality and a premium selection reflecting the knowledge, insights and expertise of our Team. As we are ourselves guided by ethics, our Partners Producers are all ethical businesses which contribute to the preservation of our Environment and Wildlife in Australia and worldwide.”

Dr Jean BOUSSARD (Byron Bay, Australia)